My Sisterlocks™ journey took off in July of 2017 and from the very start I knew this was meant for me; utilizing my background and empowering others to do the same turn around.  Our beauty is to be seen once we listen to the sound of God who has created us to be fearfully and wonderfully made. Faith Works!

How it all began

I became a Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador and committed to excellence! My clients can trust that they are getting the official technique and natural hair care education.
For more information, visit the Sisterlocks ™ website.

When do we lose the precious joy we possessed as children? Growing up in a predominantly white area led me to feel as if I were one in a million.  Self-love vanished and suddenly all of my strength had abandoned me.  After years of tears and wanting to disappear, I made a decision which manifested into a vision; to love myself just as God intended for me to be, brown skin, thick hair and everything within. I found happiness in God that I had never dared imagine.

I love building positive healthy relationships with my clients. Everyone who sits in my chair provides their own type of blessing, and I hope I can be a blessing to them. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.

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